My many adventures in retail began in department stores: I spent 10 wonderful years at Burdines (known as the Florida Store back then), during which I became a Director of Merchandise. From there, the next logical step was specialty retail. Iā€™ve had the pleasure of working with nationally recognized brands like Rampage, Lucky Brand, Forever 21, and Ecko, holding various positions along the way, including Visual Director, Sr. Visual Creative Manager, and most recently VP of Retail Merchandising and Creative Services.

In late 2014, I founded Weaver Design Concepts and began working with Sugarcloth, then a new retail concept for women that launched in Los Angeles. As a consultant, I designed and set up Sugarcloth's first two stores in LA and oversaw creative direction for the brand.

In 2015, I relocated to Orlando, purchasing a midcentury home near downtown and renovating it inside and out, including all-new landscaping. I personally executed every aspect of the project myself, with the exception of a skylight or two and some tile work. In October 2017, missing New York City and having decided to move back, I put the house on the market. I had nine offers in one day and sold it the next day, accepting an all-cash offer. It had always been a dream of mine to renovate and flip a property, and the actual experience was as thrilling and satisfying as I'd imagined.

There are a couple of things that have always been consistent in my approach to retail design and visual merchandising: ensuring that the brand is reflected in every choice I make and being sensitive to how the customer experience affects the bottom line. In merchandising and in home design, I also like to push beyond the obvious and the usual.    

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