I collaborate with photographers and directors on their treatments when they're pitching an advertising job. 

I can adapt based on the resources available. I’ve listened in on the creative call and written text based on the ideas the photographer/director put forth and the concerns and interests the agency expressed. I’ve worked from notes or rough copy the photographer/director has written. And I’ve interviewed the photographer/director and written the text basically from scratch. 

I can also handle image selection and lay out the treatment in InDesign. 

Among the photographers I've worked with are Nadav Kander, Chris Buck, Miller Mobley, Andrew B. Myers, Jim Fiscus, Anaïs & Dax, Christaan Felber, Annabelle Breakey, and Melanie Acevedo.


Fashion/Accessories: Le Sportsac (intro)

LeSportsac is an iconic American lifestyle brand that remains as fresh, appealing, and relevant today as when Melvin and Sandy Schifter invented the signature ripstop parachute nylon bags and luggage in 1974. It’s a brand that’s for everyone, a brand that stands for joy, optimism, and a form of self-expression that is both stylish and fabulously easy.

With this campaign, we’ll reflect those cherished core values of LeSportsac while speaking to a millennial audience. Millennials are drawn to authenticity and individuality, and our images, videos, and gifs will be crafted with this in mind. 

Connecting modernity and nostalgia, we’ll follow two vibrant young women at home and through their weekly ritual of meeting at their coworking space, followed by some social time and indulgence at their favorite cafe. 

These women are friends and collaborators, passionate doers and makers. They exude stylishness, friendship, and creativity. And LeSportsac plays an essential role in their wonderful lives. With wearable but elevated silhouettes and corresponding color palette (#twinning), their LeSportsac bags are their on-the-go mobile offices as well as their perfectly considered fashion accessory (sidekick!). 

To differentiate the fall and winter campaigns, we’ll use carefully considered shifts in palette and set design. Our mood will be fun, warm, and modern, with a nod to the 1970s, when LeSportsac was born. We are speaking to the modern woman who knows who she is and where she wants to go.

Technology: SAP Concur (approach)

The robot concept has special challenges but in turn offers exceptional dividends. You’ve got the two bored employees in the break room, making idle chit-chat that has just a hint

of sarcasm. And then you’ve got the CFO, who’s a fascinating combination of not truly cool but also just a little cocky. Then again, he has reason to be confident, as we soon find out.

When the workers make the remark about how much the robot costs, the CFO is delighted to have this opportunity to show off just how readily available this seemingly arcane information is. Concur makes having the answer—having visibility with your spending—so easy, and the CFO absolutely loves that he has this information at his fingertips.

Of course, it’s not enough that he’s answered his employees’ question. He can’t resist adding the flourish of a fist bump with the robot. It’s his way of trying to relate, and he means it sincerely. And that earnestness is exactly what makes it humorous to the rest of us.

Food: Jif (intro)

The broadcast campaign is a humorous, slightly quirky take on the all-too-familiar battle of wills between parents who want to do the right thing and their hungry kids who demand yummy snacks. 

To complement the campaign, our content library will feature bite-sized videos (3 to 6 seconds) and stills that capture a simple but telling interaction between parent and child, while showcasing the product in an organic way. We’re not aiming to replicate the creative of the spots but rather to support it and extend its reach with engaging assets that can be used across digital platforms.

Insurance: Progressive (intro)

Nobody owns a motorcycle casually — you do it because you love it deep down in your soul, not because it’s easy or practical. Riding a motorcycle is a statement: I’m not like everyone else—I’m an adventurer, a person who doesn’t really care what other people think or do, someone who is control of my own destiny, who savors the sense of freedom that riding brings with it.

This campaign speaks directly to this ardent audience, both through the copy and the images we’ll produce. The tagline, paired with deft executions of your humorous, relatable concepts, will instantly telegraph that Progressive gets them. You understand what’s important to them. They want to always be riding, and Progressive keeps them out there.