portfolio highlights


Read my review of the Los Angeles edition of the 2019 Every Woman Biennial at gallerygurls.net.


I’ve written marketing copy for a number of Taschen’s recent monographs, including The Sartorialist: India, Walter Chandoha: Cats, and Stephen Wilkes: Day to Night.


Some of my recent photographs of Los Angeles were used for a photo illustration that introduced Adweek's 2019 L.A. Issue both online and in print. See more of my artwork at chronicchronicler.com.

marketing, copywriting, photo editing

SMart Book was a high-end coffee-table book showcasing the photographers represented by Stockland Martel. The book was produced each year, always with a new copy concept and design, and targeted the agency’s clients in the advertising industry. I collaborated with the principals on the concept and edit for the book, wrote all the copy, and worked closely with the outside design firm we hired. First as a freelance copywriter and later as creative director, I worked on every SMart Book that Stockland Martel produced since 2005.

marketing, writing

• Adweek’s 2019 Most Powerful Women in Sports issue (click to read)

• Futuro Media’s acquistion of Latino Rebels (click to read)
• Matthew Rolston’s Hollywood Royale (click to read)

strategy, photo editing

In 2015, photographer-repping agency Stockland Martel embarked on a complete redesign of its website, which showcased the work of its nearly 30 photographers, as well hair, makeup, and prop stylists. I consulted on the design and architecture of the new site, which emphasized intuitive navigation, large images with discrete URLs to make them shareable for clients and the reps, and dynamically changing cascades for the overview portfolios to keep the experience fresh for the site's many return visitors. As creative director, I also photo edited the site.

marketing, strategy, copywriting

Liz Von Hoene is known for the sophisticated, whimsical imagery she creates for clients ranging from Neiman Marcus and Stuart Weitzman to Target and Macy's. And there's one word she consistently used when talking about her work: "wink." She always wanted her photographs to have a wink—a sly bit of humor. I thought "wink" was a fantastic catchword for her and conceptualized a printed piece around it.

The idea was to produce a series of promos over time, each one on bright-white tabloid-size newsprint, to showcase her images within Liz's "wink" brand. I worked with Liz on the edit and designer Julia Moburg, who brought an elegant touch to the final piece. "Wink" was later featured on Rob Haggart's popular A Photo Editor Instagram feed.

marketing, strategy

Award-winning photographer and director Craig Cutler wanted a campaign that would reach existing and would-be clients on a weekly basis. His idea was to create a new project every week for a year, and he wanted suggestions for how to promote it.

I proposed we package his idea as CC52, named for his initials and the number of weeks during which the campaign would unfolds. Every Friday, his new project would be posted on his reps’ blog, always with CC52 in the headline (for example, “CC52: Duct Tape”) in order to reinforce the branding. Once a month, there would be an eblast showcasing the latest projects, with a link to see all of the CC52 projects up to that date. And at the end of the year, there would be a printed piece featuring images from CC52 and an exhibition.

Craig faithfully created compelling new projects every week, I posted them and sent out the eblasts, and he worked with a designer to create a handsome printed piece and poster and collaborated withproduction house Industrial Color to host the exhibition/party, which featured a DJ and to which clients were invited. CC52 garnered Craig press, raised his profile (and highlighted his enormous creativity) with clients, and led to new work.