Kristina Feliciano

pitch doctor / content writer / creative strategist

I've often used Jhumpa Lahiri’s book title Interpreter of Maladies as a way to describe what I do: I'm an interpreter of personalities. I write in your voice, and we both know the work is successful if it feels like a perfect version of you. 

I’ve written for lighting designer Lindsey Adelman, a luxury hotel brand via the creative studio Sarankco, a multidisciplinary design studio (Unionworks), a Latinx media company (Futuro), a branding company (Work-Order), a major art-book publisher (Taschen), an iconic photographer (Matthew Rolston), and quite a few excellent photo agencies, including Giant, Apostrophe, and Art & Motion.

Lots of different personalities, a wide range of creative businesses, a variety of projects. 

Call it radical empathy, or maybe hyper-adaptability. Whatever it is, it’s always been part of me. I started my career as a journalist, writing and/or editing for a heavy metal magazine (Revolver), a witty entertainment magazine (Entertainment Weekly), a blue-collar, pun-loving newspaper (New York Post), an art magazine (Modern Painters), an iconic auction house (Sotheby’s), a longstanding photo-industry magazine (PDN), a pop-culture magazine (Paste), a digital music publication (,, and a glossy that celebrated tattoos (Inked). From 2012-2017, I was the creative director for artist-representation agency Stockland Martel, were I wrote in the voice of each of the people on our (global) roster, as well as of the principals and even the sales reps.

One of my favorite stories from my very first job, at The Orlando Sentinel, was a profile of a man who ran a shop—unassuming in all but its name—called Pant World on a dusty road in East Orlando. A simple storefront filled with stacks of workpants, and in the back a small room where the man, a large fellow with thick eyeglasses and solitary manner, lived. It held a rumpled twin bed and his collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

It’s a privilege to be trusted with someone’s story. It would be a privilege to be trusted with yours.

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