consulting: marketing strategy and creative goal-setting

We’ll work together to identify your marketing, business, or creative goals. Some people refer to this collaborative process as helping them get “unstuck.” Others says it’s like therapy, minus the tissues and mom stories (apologies to the moms out there—we all know Dad is as much to blame). I think of it as active listening that results in an action plan.  

writing: copywriting, journalism, website content, bios, eblasts

I write bios for businesses and artists, interviews for corporate blogs, promotional copy, press releases, website content, case studies, taglines… What can I write for you?

pitch decks + treatments: for businesses, photographers, and directors

Business presentations, capabilities decks, treatments, project proposals. I’ll strategize, write, and visualize your ideas clearly and persuasively in all of these formats. Photographer and director treatments are a specialty.

photo editing: for commercial photographers who want to refresh their portfolios

For five years, as the creative director for Stockland Martel, I helped directed strategy for the agency’s website and the online portfolios of its nearly 30 photographers. It was a rigorous process. My work with my clients is informed by that experience and includes a thorough discussion of goals and target clients, an assessment of what your current presentation says about you, a review of your images, plus the edit, proposed portfolio names, and sequencing. We can work in person or remotely.